Reaction of N‐Heterocyclic Carbaldehydes with Furanones – An Investigation of Reactivity and Regioselectivity, 
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Protocol for the Full Quantitative Analysis of Flash Compositions,
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New J. Chem. 201741, 1925 ‐ 1932.

Cover Picture: “Sonogashira Coupling in 3D‐Printed NMR Cuvettes: Synthesis and Properties of Arylnaphthylalkynes”
New J. Chem. 5/2017.

Radical polymerization of styrene in presence of poly(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-N-oxyl-4-yl methacrylate) - formation of polymer brushes,
F. Lederle, E. G. Hübner,
Polymer 2017, 111, 258 - 264.

Key Scientific Article: “Radical Polymerization of Styrene in Presence of Poly(2,2,6,6‐ tetramethylpiperidine‐N‐oxyl‐4‐yl methacrylate) ‐ Formation of Polymer Brushes” 
Advances in Engineering 2017.



Improved Mechanical Properties of 3D-Printed Parts by Fused Deposition Modeling Processed under the Exclusion of Oxygen,
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Progress in Additive Manufacturing 2016, 1, 3 - 7.

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Synthesis, Characterization and Palladium Complex Formation of Pyridinium- and Quinolinium-3-acetylides: Mesomeric Betaines or Betaine-Stabilized Carbenes?,
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Plasma Processes and Polymers 2015, submitted.

FDM-3D-Druck unter Schutzgasbedingungen,
E. Hübner,
Jahresbericht der TU Clausthal - Highlights 2015, 28 - 29.



A fast method for the determination of the ethanol content in wine using widely available routine nuclear magnetic resonance techniques,
S. Hanke, E. Huebner,
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Reversible Vernetzung von Makromolekülen über Metallionen - von der Synthese funktionaler Monomere zur Stabilisierung von Polylactiden bis zu molekularen Klettverschlüssen und kontrollierten Nanopartikelsynthesen,
E. Huebner,
Tagungsband 1. Niedersächsisches Symposium Materialtechnik 2014, 338 - 350.

Sydnone anions and abnormal N-heterocyclic carbenes of O-ethylsydnones,
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Org. & Biomol. Chem.
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A microscopic view on the large scale chain dynamics in nanocomposites with attractive interactions,
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Soft Matter
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Dalton trans
. 2010, 39, 2049 - 2056.



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Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Ruthenium Carboxylato and 2-Oxocarboxylato Complexes bearing the Bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)acetato Ligand,
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Permanently electrically coductive plastic, its preparation and its use,
E. Hübner,
 PCT Int. Appl. 1998, PIXXD2 WO 9849690 A1 19981105.


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